What is Bubblepay? Is it legitimate?

BubblePay is the easiest way to make purchases on your phone—just reply to a text from one of your favorite brands. Once you create your BubblePay account, you can send a text to make a purchase at any retailer that offers BubblePay. No more clicking links, creating store accounts, forgetting passwords, or filling in forms. Just send a text and receive your order confirmation.

Why do you need a credit card if the gift is free?

Even though our Mystery Sticker Pack is free, we need your credit card on file to set up your BubblePay account so you can purchase via text in the future. By setting up your BubblePay account with a credit card, you can purchase products by simply replying via text rather than having to go to the merchant's website. You will not be charged for this transaction.

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